Elias Kahila Solocello

När: torsdag 07 juni kl 14:00
Var: Stora scen

Finnish rockcello-virtuoso Elias Kahila, 35, is about to revolutionaize the view of the cello. Kahila´s trademark “shufflebow groove” technique updates cellos rhytm abilities while Kahila´s funky “bass-cello” technique – playing cello in horizontal way, similar to Flea from the RHCP, adds another new twist.

Kahila uses looper pedals (“Ed Sheeran style”) in a live setting to create the songs live. Setlist is a mixture of own songs & covers (Daft Punk, Lenny Kravitz). It is guaranteed – Elias Kahila show will forever change your view of the cello!

Artistansvarig: Lasse Lindbom. Vi reserverar oss för ev. ändringar.