The Beautiful Art of Decay

När: fredag 08 juni kl 20:00
Var: Stora scen

Med influencer från The Velvet underground och Ziggy Stardust.We are not the newcomers. We are not the youngest kids on the block. We are not here to follow. We are here to follow up. We are ”The beautiful art of decay”. We were there with the glam, we were there in the punkscene, we were there to observe how disco turned to crap…

”The beautiful art of decay” is a swedish band that have influences from the Velvet underground, The Stooges, Ziggy Stardust, just to name a few. We could write a lot, with no content about us. But we think the lyrics to ”The Other Ones” says it all.

Medlemmar i The Beautiful Art of Decay: Pelle Strandberg, Peter Jävemyr, Lasse Ljungman Jansson, Tomas Brandt och Stefan Klingborg.

The Beautiful The Beautiful Art of Decay

Artistansvarig: Lasse Lindbom. Vi reserverar oss för ev. ändringar.