Ronald van der Laars

Ronald is a 40 years old Brand Development chef working for Unilever already 19 years now. He’s worked at several Michelin star restaurants and learned a lot from fellow chefs, all sorts of training, experimental diners and even social media. He is based in the Unilever’s Weena head office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

He is passionate about foreign cooking cultures, ancient cooking techniques and preservation methods. Next to supporting the Marketing Hub with innovations, trend forecasts and good food, he does much more. He perceives his job as one of the most versatile and exciting ones of his career.

For the last 1,5 years, he’s been involved in the Future 50 Foods program and since created a lot of content for Knorr’s digital channels. He now cooks a lot with these ingredients and tries to share his enthusiasm and passion with other chefs, giving them the tools to experiment with different ingredients themselves.