Paul Newnham

Paul Newnham currently heads up the SDG 2 Advocacy hub.  The SDG2 Advocacy Hub coordinates global campaigning and advocacy to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2: To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030 incubated in the UN World Food Programme.

The Hub brings together NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, the private sector and UN agencies to share expertise, ideas, and to collaborate on campaigns so that our overall impact as a community of influencers is increased.


Paul has over 20 years’ experience in National and Global roles with a focus on Campaigning, Youth Mobilisation, Advocacy, Marketing and Communication.   A dynamic, strategic innovator who brings teams together to achieve planned objectives, by providing inspirational and evocative leadership. An effective communicator able to enthuse and motivate others, achieving goals beyond expectation. Extensively travelled and sensitive to cultural diversity and differences, regardless of the environment in which he is working, Paul is able to bring out special skills in others, drawing on his own extensive skills and experience.


Paul is passionate about bringing new voices into the Global Goals conversation particularly around Zero Hunger. To this end, the SDG2 Advocacy Hub has worked with a community of 130+ chefs from 36 countries to create a Chefs’ Manifesto. A document written by chefs, for chefs, the Chefs’ Manifesto is a thematic framework that outlines how chefs can contribute to the SDGs through simple, practical actions. As this project develops, the Hub will act as a “one-stop shop” to help chefs take action and inspire others; showcase their work; share their ideas and best practice; and point to useful resources and initiatives.