Palmiro Ocampo

Palmiro Ocampo is a Peruvian chef passionate about eliminating extreme hunger in Peru by 2030 through reducing the country’s food waste. Starting to cook at age 16, Palmiro briefly attended medical school before leaving to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu in Lima.

Palmiro has worked in a range of restaurants around the world- Hofmann in Barcelona, Noma, El Celler de Can Roca- before opening the innovative 1087 Bistro in Lima. Not only does 1087 Bistro create innovative dishes that celebrate Peru’s rich biodiversity and varying cultures, it also aspires to be environmentally conscious and a zero waste kitchen. 

Palmiro also enacts his “culinary recycling” philosophy outside of his kitchen. As a professor at the Universidad de San Ignacio, Palmiro instructs the next generation of aspiring chefs on how to turn lefts over into restaurant-worthy dishes and maximize the yield of their ingredients. Similarly, Palmiro co-founded and runs Ccori Ccori, a non-profit social research and development organisation that aims to provide people with right knowledge to optimize food resources, especially in areas of Peru where food is scarce.

More recently, as part of Generacion con Causa (Generation with a Cause), Palmiro helped host a TV show titled “Cocina con Causa” (Cooking with a Cause) that taught viewers how to use food leftovers to make tasty, delicious meals that are affordable for all Peruvians.

For more, check out Palmiro’s facebook page, twitter and instagram.