Dennis The Prescott

Dennis The Prescott is a chef, cookbook author, and food photographer based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Prescott has amassed a devoted following of almost 500K social media followers, cooks regularly on National television in the US and Canada, and has traveled the globe with World Vision Canada and WFP, cooking from New York to Nairobi.

His National bestselling cookbook, “Eat Delicious” (William Morrow/HarperCollins) was named one of the Globe & Mail’s best cookbooks of 2017. Dennis is also a World Vision ambassador for the Hunger Free World project that highlights the local recipes, food access and sustainability challenges experienced by communities around the world.

For more, follow Dennis on,  facebook,  twitter and instagram.

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10 juni söndag

International Chef Challenge

CHALLENGE 1: Arthur Potts Dawson & Dennis PrescottManal Alalem & Chandra Yudasswara
CHALLENGE 2: Mary Sue Milliken & Mitchell DavisSka Mirriam Moteane & David Johansson

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