David Johansson

Swedish chef David Johansson started his career working in a number of restaurants in Stockholm, Denmark, Norway, and France before moving across to the US to work as executive chef at the Swedish Consulate General in New York.

From there he opened up an espresso bar that paid tribute to the Swedish tradition “fika” (coffee break) and later expanded the one café into a chain. Upon returning to Sweden, David realized that his passion for food lay with creating food product and so decided to work at IKEA with the aim of showcasing the Swedish cuisine.

As a product developer of IKEA Food and restaurant, Johansson tried to implement the following five key principles in tandem: form, function, quality, sustainability, and a low price. David has since gone on to focus on recipe development at Ikea Food.

For more, read this interview with David and check out his instagram page.

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International Chef Challenge

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