Chandra Yudasswara

From an early age, Indonesian chef Chandra Yudasswara grew up around food and in kitchens. He helped in his mother’s kitchen at home and, in his teenage years, took on roles in his father’s kitchens at five-star hotels and restaurants. Following high school, Chandra attended Bandung Tourism Institute where he qualified as a chef.

Cooking a combination of Asian and Western dishes, Chandra has head up the kitchens of Bacco, Portable Resto Jakarta, Domicile, Surabaya, Play and Metro Coffee. Chandra is also the host a cooking show NET in which he invites celebrities on to the programme and cooks for them.

Read more about Chandra here and follow him on twitter. 

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10 juni söndag

International Chef Challenge

CHALLENGE 1: Arthur Potts Dawson & Dennis PrescottManal Alalem & Chandra Yudasswara
CHALLENGE 2: Mary Sue Milliken & Mitchell DavisSka Mirriam Moteane & David Johansson

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