Alva K. Lim

Alva K. LimAn expert eater, Alva likes to discover the biodiversity and story of delicious foods in Timor-Leste. Alva is the Co-founder, Co-director and founding Head Chef (2016-2018) of the Timor-Leste Food Lab and its flagship Agora Food Studio.

When not researching, fermenting or experimenting rare ingredients with the team, Alva moonlights as a sometimes-olive oil judge in Australia. She wants to study the lexicon of food and cooking at the El Bulli Foundation. Some days, she dreams being an apprentice tamagoyaki chef if all else fails.

Alva has a background in econometrics and public policy, all of which has helped develop her interest in the behavioural economics of food choices.

Instagram: @agorafoodstudio/