ZERO WASTE - Surprising stories, passionate advocates, innovative waste reduction techniques and new business inspiration - all focusing on using, not wasting, leftover food

Within the Zero Waste Village, in collaboration with chefs, restaurants, producers, food shops, technology consultants, property owners and visitors, come and learn what you need to know and hear stories surrounding the challenges to enable yourself to be part of changing the food waste landscape. Taste Stockholm – one of the world’s largest food festivals – will this year pledge to send zero food waste to landfill and to try and share this energy and passion with all our visitors.



Did you know that if the land that grows food which is not eaten would constitute the second largest country in the world, producing the third largest amount of green house gases?


To highlight this challenge, the issue of reducing food waste will be at the centre of the Foodtech Village Pavilion. Come and meet the fantastic entrepreneurs who can and will grow, create and cook the food of the future.


STARTUPS –  Zero Waste


Karma – The app that helps you reduce waste by rescuing unsold food.

FoodloopzThey match-make surplus food B2B via their own marketplace selling and donating food that is at risk of being wasted.

Love Ugly  – Startup looking to sell aesthetically imperfect fruits and vegetables. The aim? To raise awareness of the “ugly fruit” problem and initiate a shift to more sustainable food consumption all round.

Ingredient MatcherAn app that gives you recipes that you can make with the ingredients you already have at home.




RESTAURAN : RETASTE + FRIENDS, Paul Svensson & Christofer Ekman

will run a pop up restaurant serving food from our waste partners including the “Retired Hen” burger in collaboration with Martin & Servera and Kronfågel. We have a different guest chef / restaurant joining us each day to work with the team and create a “guest dish” for guests to enjoy alongside a few ReTaste treats. Open 11.30 – 19.00 daily.

Retired Hen Slider, take-away, 65kr
Retired Hen Slider on a plate with veggies and fries, 85kr
Todays Soup with bread and cheese, 75kr
Daily Dahl, 95kr
Daily Chef create a “guest dish” for guests to enjoy alongside a few ReTaste treats, price of the day


5th of June – Filip Lundin from Sopköket, Söderhallarna
6th of June Joseph Otway from Where The Light Gets In, Stockport, UK
7th of June – Erik Andersson from Restaurant Spill, Malmo
8th of June – Alena Grahn from Rosendals Trädgård, Djurgården
9th of June –Fabian & Philip Axelsson from  Nordish Market, Gothenburg



•  RE:WINERS WINETASTING – 5th -9th of  June at 15:30 -16:00

Wine tasting on discarded exclusive wines

On the Swedish wine market, whole batches of drinkable wine are destroyed meaning a proportion never reach our glasses despite the wine being flawless. This is due to a number of reasons -in part because we are a large wine loving country with a huge range, partly because wine is trend sensitive and that wine over time can change character in the bottle. When maturing, it can both lose and strengthen the tones that make the wine no longer hold what it once promised. Foodloopz, in collaboration with the wine importer Brasri AB and Örebro University, has developed a brand and a process to be able to reintroduce this good wine back out on the market again.



•  WORKSHOPS with cooking  a drop-in where visitors can participate free of charge every day, more info shortly


•  WORKSHOPS with presentations, demos, FAQs of various character. Info comes on an ongoing basis

2000kvm projektet, foto: Gustav Gerdes5th of  June, 12:30 – Experiment 2000m2 with NIKLAS KARLSSON, (kitchen garden master, former finedining chef), Rosendals Trädgård

Wasted space : “An introduction to a food culture where challenges and limitations become a possiblity.”

Experiment 2000m2 takes on the difficult but enormously exciting challenge to develop a food culture that respects the boundaries of what the planet, the Baltic Sea and we ourselves tolerate. And at the same time show that it can lead to fantastic, good and healthy food, smarter innovation and better business solutions and models.



Stockholms Bränneri, serving drinks from waste products mixed with various gins from Stockholms Bränneri


No waste services and new business perspectives around food leftovers. Read more >

Stockholms Stadsmission are one of the key player in helping to be the first major food festival with zero food waste. Read more >



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