NEXT-GEN FOOD – What will we eat in 5years, 10years?

Did you know that almost a third of the worlds fish populations are overfished? We need to change the way we produce and consume food in order to save the future.

Come and meet the amazing entrepreneurs re-shaping the way we eat!



Mealworms from Tebriano

Tebrito – Tebrito is transforming the future of protein supply. Our aim is to be a key actor in automated industrial production of mealworms and processed products thereof

Earth Bite  – Earth Bite is a new vegan food brand that creates 100% vegan and organic snacks that are animal friendly and enivronmentally friendly

Bug BurgerAll bout understanding the potential of insect food. Through lectures, a blog and a book, BugBurger is inspiring people to see the potential in this future protein.

Global BugsGlobal Bugs is researching, developing and producing ecofriendly nutritions, food and feed ingredients based on insects.

Bifidice – We offer a healthy pro-biotic ice cream supported by years of research in different continents to ensure an improved life balance and happy snacks

Ambronite – Our mission at Ambronite is to help urban professionals to live life to the fullest. We create nutrient-dense, sustainable and plant-based food products to enable our customer to thrive

Homemade Cultures – Our fermented condiments are inspired by cultural traditions, using ingredients and preparations that your great-grandmother would approve of.

Nutrient – MFood innovators of new sustainable foods that do not compromise on quality or taste

Synbiotic Kitchen

Synbiotic Kitchen  – Synbiotic Kitchen aim to increase the awareness about the relevance of the microbiome in health maintenance, as well to become a tool that enables people’s to make more conscious food choices following the synbiotic nutrition principles.

Youpeas – Erbjuder en rad hälsosamma och läckra, ekologiska, växtbaserade kakor.

Entocube – Offering a range of healthy and delicious legume flour based cookies and soft cakes. 100% plant based, organic and clean label.

Alver – Alver is a new food company producing everyday foods that are based on Golden Chlorella. This nutrient-dense micro-algae is a truly sustainable source of protein, something which the planet needs.

Fooditive – The latest brand of innovation in the additives sweeteners industry.

Wellibites – Supertasty, healthy, low-calorie candy. Candy as it should be!




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