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Smaka på Stockholm is the annual summer food festival in Sweden. It is one of the worlds largest food gatherings and it attracts more than 350.000 visitorsall with a shared interest in food and drink. From 5th to 9th of June, Stockholm downtown park Kungsträdgården is transformed into a culinary sensation. You get to meet some of the best restaurants, food trucks, bakers and local producers

Foodtech Village is the community for change-makers shaping the future of food. It is powered by Sweden Foodtech on a mission to accelerate entrepreneurship for the next-gen food system, driven by tech, data and innovation. Together with some of the best foodtech startups from all over the world, the Foodtech Village goes LIVE at Smaka på Stockholm with an amazing expo showcasing the future of food and engaging with the festival crowd!



Foodtech Village Live at Smaka på Stockholm is an interactive experience center where to learn, get inspired, taste new products and play with the future of food. With the support of our Corporate Partners, the Foodtech Village will bring  the visitors through a revolutionary  foodtech journey structured in different thematic subjects:


# ZERO WASTE [ZERO WASTE] Stockholms Stadsmission are one of the key player in helping to be the first major food festival with zero food waste. Read more >

# NEXT-GEN FOOD [FRAMTIDENS MATPRODUKTER] New food products and growing systems for more sustainable nutrition.

# PERSONALIZED FOOD [DEN PERSONLIGA MATEN]  AI, data and performance solutions for healthy and personalized food options.

# FUTURE FOOD CITY [MAT I DEN FRAMTIDA STADEN] Food in a future environment. Smart kitchen, logistics, growing systems.




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